Employment & Career Development Committee



  • ​Vacancy



  • Jani Willis
  • Denise Carter-McCormick
  • Michelle Plummer
  • Jean Jackson (DORS/WTC Liaison)


  • Darlene Peregoy
  • Jessica Hawes

Meeting Dates:
         March 23, 2017
         October 3, 2017

The Employment & Career Development Committee shall be composed of at least three members of the Council, including those representing business and industry, the Workforce & Technology Center and community rehabilitation programs. One of the members will serve as Chairperson of the committee.

Primary Duties:

  1. Develop innovative projects related to employment outcomes.
  2. Advise DORS regarding enhancement of relationships with employers as customers.
  3. Assist in marketing and outreach to employers.
  4. Advise DORS regarding programs, focus and performance of the Workforce & Technology Center.​