Who Are We?

Three woman standing and one man in a chair, in a room at the Annapolis Senate buidling.
The Maryland State Rehabilitation Council (MSRC) is made up of individuals who are interested in the success of public vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs. VR programs help people with disabilities go to work. MSRC Members are appointed by the Governor and include representatives from education, rehabilitation, employment, industry and consumer advocacy groups.

The MSRC takes an active and visible role in how Maryland's public vocational rehabilitation program is administered. The MSRC:

  • Reviews, analyzes and advises DORS regarding performance of its responsibilities and quality of its services.
  • Ensures that the needs of individuals with disabilities are identified and addressed by state and federal legislators, service providers, employers and the community.
  • Collaborates with organizations and other state councils to promote services to underserved and unserved populations.
  • Develops and reviews State goals and priorities, and assists in the preparation of Maryland's annual State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation.

What is Our Mission?

The role of the MSRC is to review, analyze and advise on plans, needs assessments, policy issues, reports and consumer satisfaction studies to enhance the quality of and access to vocational rehabilitation services provided by DORS in order to promote the employment, economic self-sufficiency and independence of individuals with disabilities.

What ​​Do We Believe?

The MSRC believes that employment is critical to the quality of citizenship of people with disabilities in Maryland.

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