Current Member Roster

  • Denise Carter-McCormick, Bsuiness/Industry Representative
  • Christofer Conklin, VR Counselor, DORS
  • Cindy LaBon, American Council of the Blind
  • Tom Laverty, Director, Client Assistance Program
  • Marsha Legg, CRP Representative
  • Anil Lewis, National Federation for the Blind; MSRC Vice-Chair
  • Jeffrey Moran, Community Outreach Coordinator, The Benedictine School; MSRC Chair
  • Rene Averitt-Sanzone, Parent Training Center
  • Katja Fort-Rhoden, Public Advocate
  • Suzanne R. Page, Assistant State Superintendent, DORS
  • Michelle Plummer, Business/Industry Representative
  • Sue Schaffer, Deaf/Blind Community Advocate
  • Barry Shaw, Public Advocate
  • Christy Stuart, MSDE/Special Education
  • William Stocker, McDaniel College
  • Jani Willis, Business/Industry Representative