Public Relations and Quality Assurance


  • ​Vacant


  • Marsha Legg
  • Christy Stuart
  • Will Stocker
  • Kim Schultz (DORS Liaison)
  • John Stem (DORS Liaison)


The Public Relations & Quality Assurance Committee shall be composed of at least three members of the Council, one of whom shall serve as Chairperson of the committee.

Meeting Dates

March 23, 2018

May 2, 2018

Primary Duties:

  1. Develop and distribute MSRC public information including the Annual Report.
  2. Review DORS QA system; provide recommendations related to information/data collection (e.g., survey development) and findings.
  3. Review Client Assistance Program, Mediation and Appeals reports and develop recommendations.
  4. Coordinate legislative and advocacy activities of the Council, including planning the annual legislative event.​


All meetings are held via teleconference or at DORS headquarters,  2301 Argonne Drive, Baltimore, MD, 21218. Call 410-554-9385, or email if you plan to attend a meeting or need special accomodations.